Installing a Hoop

After learning how to play basketball at our center, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to install basketball hoops. I wanted us to do it together with the artists at our center. After buying all the gear that we need to play basketball, now it is time to do some installation work. I have bought the basketball hoops and everything that we will need for the job. I postponed the installation job so that all the trainees can be there.

Man installing shooting loop

Some hoops are easy to install and some are a bit challenging. However, whether you have bought wall hoops, ceiling hoops, roof hoops or pole hoops, you can do the installation on your own. It will not be a quick installation but when you are done, you will love the work of your hands so much.

If you would like to play basketball every now and then in your backyard, driveway or anywhere else, you should follow these hoop installation tips. Please note, these are tips for installing a pole hoop.

Decide on the location

You have to remember that this is a permanent installation. You have to choose a good location for it. One of the biggest considerations here is how far the hoop will be from windows, cars and everything that can break from a hard basketball hit. If you need to create a regular basketball court where you can play with your family or friends, it needs enough space of 94 by 50 feet. It is not compulsory that you create a full basketball court. Even half that size should do just fine.  

Gather everything that you need

Playing ball equipment

You will need some tools to do this installation job. One of the most important things to buy is the hoop itself, and when you are ordering one, ensure you get a pole hoop. Another thing that you need is the pole itself.

There are many types of poles. One of them is the collapsible pole, which is good for people who like to adjust the height from time to time. Even if you get a regular pole, it will be 10 feet high, which is the standard height for basketball poles. However, if you are short, this might be hard for you to play on, hence the need for a collapsible one. You will also need cement, some tools to dig a hole and a leveler. You will need help to install the hoop, so ask for it.

The backboard

You have already chosen your backboard, which can be tempered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate or plastic. You should install the backboard before you can raise the pole, that is, while it is still on the ground. With all the mounting tools, this should be easy. If the backboard came as a single unit, that is, containing the hoop, you will be done with a single installation. However, if they are separate, install the hoop after installing the backboard. Make sure everything is firm because these two take quite a beating.

Take the pole upright

This is where you go upright with the pole. It should go into the hole, use the leveler to ensure it stands straight and then pour your concrete. This is a heavy pole, so you will need the help of a few people to help install it. Just prepare a lot of food and lemonade.