Learning to Play

From a casual glance, playing basketball looks as simple as picking the ball, dribbling a few steps and trying for a shot. However, that is not exactly right. This is a very technical game and if you would like to enjoy it fully, you need to study how to play it.

At our art center, we have built a basketball court because we would love our artists to have a nice time. One of them said that basketball would be a good way to let out the negative energy.

However, since these are artists and not basketball amateurs, I have been searching for beginner tips for them. If you are just beginning to play basketball, these tips can help you too and you will have a great time.

The good thing is that this game is easy to learn. You also get to enjoy yourself because you learn as you play. In addition, there are many resources online, with information about how to play this game.

Here they are:

Know how to handle your ball

Young boys playing ball

This is one of the most important skills. Actually, everyone starts with this basic skill. If you look at the ball, you will see that it has deeper seams. These are deliberately designed that way so that you can hold the ball by the seams. This gives you a good grip, especially when you are catching a throw from one of your teammates. There are many techniques of handling the ball.  They include dribble tags that you can do with your teammates. You may also do a stationary drill where you drool the ball around as you rotate on one point.

Know how to shoot

No matter how good you are at handling the ball, if you do not have some shooting skill, then it means that you will not score. However, like everything else in basketball, shooting has never been hard. It is something that you can do without straining too much, but first, you have to train yourself how to shoot.

One of the ways in which newbie basketball players can practice shooting is by having a ball for each player. Here, you learn how to shoot from the highest point as well as how to position your elbows. You may also practice as a team with just one ball where you have players on both sides when shooting. When the ball rebounds, they jump to catch the ball and make shots of their own.

Learn how to pass the ball

Young men playing ball

You do not want to be a ball hog. You want to learn how to pass the ball to the rest of the team. This is not as simple as tossing it over. Some of the techniques that you can learn for passing the ball include bounce passes, overhead passes and chest passes. Each of these requires you to do enough practice but eventually, they become second nature.

Defense and offense

Sometimes you will attack and sometimes you will defend. To offend just means that you should learn some speed dribbles and then try to score. Meanwhile, the defensive players will try to catch the rebounding balls and dribble towards your team at high speed.